10 reasons why chocolate is a good life coach

chocolates-w400-h400If, for any reason, you can’t eat, or don’t like chocolate, you’d better stop reading right now.  This post is for committed chocoholics only.

You all know that good quality, preferably dark, chocolate in sensible amounts is nutritionally good for you, right? Well, consider the following extra reasons why chocolate is this life coach’s choice:

  1. It somehow makes a dull, rainy day better instantly.  A good sunshine substitute.
  2. It’s a perfect reward for completing a task you’ve been procrastinating over.
  3. It’s an ideal mindful eating prop.  More fun than a raisin.  More satisfying too.  Don’t forget to do this with your coach; she’ll really appreciate it!
  4. It’s a great anchor for a happy memory.  Try a chocolate button or two, and revert to childhood.
  5. It can be one of  your “wows” for the day. (see #4)  It’s the little things…
  6. It can be shared – go on, don’t be mean – and sharing something fab is good for your resilience.
  7. It adds a new dimension to a networking event, workshop, business meeting.  Try it, and watch what happens.
  8. It makes people smile.  Whatever it takes to up the serotonin. (See #1)
  9. It’s the best excuse for taking a break.  Leave work behind and go somewhere blissful for a few minutes.
  10. It’s portable, so you can lift your spirits wherever you are.  An aid to self-compassion, if you will.

Bring on the happiness.  Whatever the question, chocolate is the answer!  Now go and treat yourself.

With grateful thanks to www.chocolatesbyleon.co.uk for the reminder of how to turn a good networking event into a great one.



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