12 days of…whatever you choose, really, as long as it’s mindful!

Ok, I’ve finally succumbed to the C-word, and, in the name of the festive season, with just one week to go before that weekend of festivities, here are my 12 days of mindfulness for you.

Day 1: one deep breath (repeat as often as required!)

Day 2: two random acts of kindness

Day 3:three items of food that you eat mindfully

Day 4:four things that made you go “wow” (take photos, or write them down)

Day 5: five senses in five minutes – use them all as best you can; be aware of each of them during one activity

Day 6: six minutes of silence – just listen to your breathing

Day 7: seven people who have made you happy this day, week, month, year.  Think about them, tell them, thank them.

Day 8: eight “gifts” which are completely free: find, or invent them, and then give them.

Day 9: nine favourite pieces of music: list them and/or play them, or 12 store them for when you really need them.

Day 10: ten minutes of some form of exercise: whatever you can do

Day 11: eleven minutes’ walk in the fresh air (at least)

Day 12: twelve ways to be more mindful in the new year: think of them, write them down, tell someone else what they are!



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