Guy Garvey: poet, musician and possibly life coach

I went to a concert last week.  It was astonishingly good: better than I could have ever expected.  And I made a conscious effort to be  right there, in the moment, enjoying every moment.  Not watching it through the camera lens on my phone.  Not sending updates on social media.  Just being there, drinking it all in, appreciating the musicianship, the complexity of the rhythms, the lyrics.  I got so much from that concert.  And the lead singer got 10,000 of us to sing together in harmony, to make a Mexican wave twice round the auditorium, to connect.

And this is what I drew from it all:

  • Connection with others intensifies an already-great experience.
  • Being truly in the moment helps to strengthen and preserve some great memories to treasure.
  • Getting lost in music soothes the soul.
  • An uplifting experience can provide an anchor for when you need grounding.
  • Immense gratitude for my sense of hearing.

And what’s this got to do with the unexpected happening?  Quite a bit, as it happens.  Building resilience to cope with life involves developing connections, appreciating the small things, finding what feeds your soul and doing it when you can, building good memories and being present.  It doesn’t take away the c**p, of course not, but it’s good training to help deal with it.

So thank you, Guy Garvey and special guest John Grant for sharing your talent, and leaving me with some very valuable points to ponder, which I’ll use and treasure, because you don’t know what’s round the corner, and even if you think you do, you probably don’t.

Finally, here are three of Elbow’s “life coaching”  lyrics for you,  which I’ve chosen because they make good sense.  Thank you, guys:

Old friends
You stuck a pin in the map I was in
And you are the stars I navigate home by
Throw those curtains wide; one day like this a year would see me right
It’s all gonna be magnificent…



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