A few at a time. Every day. The questions it’s worth asking yourself

stowe-2-dec-2016-w400-h400Busy and a bit short of time at the moment?  I’ll keep it brief.  This is a useful list of daily questions.  They’re designed to help you view your day positively.  The list works on two levels:

1.  When you look back over your day, even if it hasn’t gone quite as you’d planned, thinking about some of these questions will help you focus on the positives.

2.  By using the questions regularly, you will be training your brain to think more positively in general, and you will find yourself finding positives wherever you go.

This is science, and the amazing power of your brain.  You can use all, or some, depending on how much time you have.  At this time of year, when you’re brain’s buzzing with busyness, it’s exactly the time to take 5 at the end of the day and ask yourself:

  • What did I learn?
  • Who did I listen to?
  • What made me laugh?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What did I change?
  • What did I achieve?
  • Who was I in rapport with?
  • What was I able to share?
  • Who do I love?
  • How did I make a difference?
  • Who did I help?
  • How did I move forward/grow?
  • What challenges did I meet and how did I overcome them?
  • What did I do to have fun?
  • What will I do differently tomorrow?

Treat yourself to a few minutes at the end of your day to reflect: your little bit of “me time”.  I promise you’ll feel empowered.



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