And now, the end is near…

As the sun sets on your challenge, keep your focus.

It’s ok; I’m not “facing the final curtain” just yet; at least, not as far as I know!  But I’ve asked myself a couple of questions this week, during my challenge, and you might ask yourself the same ones, as you head towards completion of your project/goal/challenge/target:

  1.  Once the end is in sight, does the journey get tougher?  Do you start to feel more weary (especially with a physical challenge)?  If you say to yourself: “Ok, I’ll stop at xyz point,” do you then feel yourself dropping down a gear, losing momentum, or does it have the opposite effect?  Do you feel extra energy, because there’s not far to go now?  Maybe you feel you can really go for it, because you won’t have to do it for much longer?  It’s an interesting point to ponder as you go along.  What does it say about you and your motivation?  And more importantly, what might you need to spur you on to complete in the best way possible?  This is something to consider as you look at your game plan for your challenge.  It might not be necessary, or possible, to plan for this at the start, but be prepared to adjust your plans as you near the end.
  2. Do you have any last-minute doubts creeping in, as you see the “finish line” approaching?  If so, what will you do?  What will be your plan to keep you going?  Do you need to adjust your expectations?  Do you need extra support or expertise to help you?  Or maybe, you’re just so happy to see that finish line that you relax, or begin to cut corners.  Watch yourself carefully.  You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this challenge, so keep your eye on the finish line, now it’s in sight and remember the reason you started this challenge in the first place.

My final observations to share:

  • keep up all the good habits you’ve started during this journey
  • maintain your focus
  • accept the “wobbles” as minor inconveniences and be kind to yourself
  • watch your thoughts. They’re just that: thoughts, not facts
  • get ready to celebrate!




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