And now, the good news…

I sometimes avoid reading the newspaper.  I switch off mentally, when the news comes on.  I know it’s good to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but some days, it’s all too negative.  I don’t want to start my day with all that grief and anguish.  Let me start by feeling strong and positive, and then I’ll have the capacity to deal with the difficult stuff later.

Here’s a specially curated blog designed to make you think, “Thank goodness!”  It doesn’t take away the negative stories; it adds a different filter.  Some of these stories you will have heard before, but I wouldn’t mind betting you’ve forgotten them.  That’s because our “prehistoric” brain is programmed to look for danger, or negatives, for the most part of the time.  We tend to remember and dwell on the oh dear/what if/better watch out in case/told you so-type stories and narratives by default.  It’s possible to train your brain to focus more on positivity, and that’s what these reminders are designed to do.  Happy processing!

Not a dry eye…
A surfer was rescued 13 miles off the Scottish west coast, having spent 32 hours in the water, clinging to his surfboard.  His very relieved family were delighted he was found safe and well.

Practise what you preach…
25 staff at the maternity unit of Darent Valley Hospital in Kent had 26 babies between them in a year!

He ain’t heavy…
Remember the scenes from the London Marathon last month, where Matthew Reece helped David Wyeth over the line, without considering his own quest for a personal best time in the race?  Touched by his kindness, David Wyeth’s running club has offered to pay Matthew Reece’s entrance fee, travel and accommodation for next year’s marathon.

Laughter is the best medicine
Ok, I’ll be honest.  I’ve really struggled to find good news that might have general appeal.  Seriously, the newspapers are so full of gloom and doom, it’s ridiculous.  So here are some short jokes to bring a smile.  And that’s good news that they do!

“A bit of advice: never read a pop-up book about giraffes.”
Sean Lock

“I said, ‘It’s serious doctor, I’ve broken my arm in 20 places.’ He said: ‘Well stop going to those places.’ ” Tommy Cooper

“I bought my mum a Kindle because she likes reading so much. She still licks her fingers when she changes the page.” Lee Evans

And finally…
I’ll leave you with one word: Turangawaewae.  No, I’d never heard of it either, but thanks to a rather lovely website, I discovered that it’s a Maori word, meaning  A place to stand; a place where we feel rooted, empowered and connected.

I think that’s what we all want.



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