Anna says…

I really look forward to my Monday Motivator.  As someone who works from home, it can be quite a task to get myself into “work” mode on a Monday.  I can make any number of excuses not to get my admin done!  However, Marianna’s pearls of wisdom give me food for thought each time I open the email and give me the boost I need to get started.  They also give me something to ponder as I go through my tasks, like why I’m procrastinating or why I just can’t seem to finish personal challenges I set myself.  Proper food for thought stuff.  It helps that I know the lovely Marianna, so I can hear her speaking the words on the screen and know they come from a place of love and care, with a bit of a kick up the butt too!  Thank you, Marianna, please keep them coming.

Anna Atkins-Carter