Marianna Beckwith is a creative coach, who specialises in helping education professionals to build resilience, minimise stress and adjust work-life balance. Contact Marianna for expert, individualised personal development coaching with an empathetic, straightforward approach. Personal development is essential maintenance. Everyone needs it.

About Marianna Beckwith

I've been immersed in education all my life, in administration, in offender learning, in the community, in college, and as a volunteer in a primary school. As a manager, I've coached and mentored staff through inductions, appraisals, observations and training. I understand the immense pressures everyone is working under; I've been there myself.

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Feed forward, not back.

Here’s a fabulous strategy I learnt a few years ago from my NLP trainer.  Feed Forward works best with a group, particularly where there is a tendency to debate, and could also be adapted for one-to-one meetings.  It’s not called “feedback” very deliberately.  Feedback can become a forum for criticism, […] Read more »