Breathe in the sweet and scented air: it’s Kick Back Friday again!

August is now established and I’m happy to bring you week 2 of Kick Back Friday.  Taking time out for yourself is about breaking routine, and giving your hard-working, over-stimulated brain a chance to de-frag: to settle and file away all those memories, thoughts and ideas into places where they will be of use to you later.  Right now, you need a break,  a lift, a virtual massage, if you like.

Last week was about breathing and visualisation.  You can do this again in this week’s little treat too.  Here’s the track; it’s Summer Breeze, by the Isley Brothers.  As always, you could choose your own, but this one really lends itself to visualisation.  It even mentions Friday night in the first verse.  It’s about feeling great, and the repetition of “blowing through the jasmine in my mind” will get your olfactory senses going a treat.

The scent of jasmine is reported to invoke feelings of hope, confidence and optimism as well as emotional inner peace and calming of the mind.  Tuscan brides traditionally include jasmine in their wedding bouquets, which also gives it associations with love, and also  with the moon, because its scent is strongest in the evening.  What a mass of fantastic images to conjure up, whilst listening!

Working on your senses, then, this Kick Back Friday, click on the link and try these for a few minutes, whilst listening to the track:

  • Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scent (light a candle, or have some oil nearby if you like), while breathing slow and deep.
  • Think about a time when you were really relaxed, feeling confident and bring that time into sharp focus: what did you see, hear, feel?
  • You could try listening  to this track while walking (anywhere peaceful, inside or outside)
  • Once you’ve reached the end of your 6 minutes of bliss, write down some of the beautiful images you thought about, or record them in a way that’s meaningful to you (voice record, photos, a moodboard on Pinterest, or any other method you choose) and keep them, along with last week’s reflections (three thoughts about how you felt after your chillout, plus some pictures); you’re building  yourself a lovely summer chillout record to take you somewhere lovely whenever you fancy “getting away from it all”!

Enjoy the pictures in your mind!



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