Curious about tomorrow? Not sure? Ask yourself…

Last week’s blog was about reviewing your day as it goes along, and at the end, about the questions you might ask yourself to focus on the positive.  Then what?  Curious about tomorrow now?  Fancy setting yourself up for another positive one?

As soon as you begin to ask yourself questions, your brain will look for solutions and links.  It’s what the brain does.  If you approach each day with negative thoughts, that’s what you’ll attract.  If you set your brain up to search for something more positive, it will do just that.  With that firmly in mind, what will tomorrow bring for you?  Try these questions to help build a fruitful day:

  • What’s first and/or non-negotiable?
    This is a great one for building good habits.  The one thing you simply must do today, that will set you up well, make you feel satisfied, positive, give you a boost.  It doesn’t even have to be something you particularly enjoy doing (although that’s the ideal scenario).  You know that once it’s done, the rest of the day will work better.
  • Who would I like to get in touch with?
    Whether it’s work-related, or not, human contact is something we all need.  Even if that contact is challenging.  If you spend a large part of your day on your own, it’s even more important that you build this into your day somehow.
  • What one thing would it be good to make a start on?
    You don’t have to finish it, but making a start will make it easier to carry on next time you revisit.  You may even find that by making a start, you finish it anyway.  Win-win!
  • What will make me smile?
    Take a break.  Do something fun, strange, crazy, uplifting.  Whatever it is, do it.  At least once during your day.
  • What will I try my best to avoid?
    This is about being reflective during the day.  When you catch yourself doing the negative self-talk, having less-than-helpful thoughts, behaving in a way that you know will lead you nowhere helpful, stop.  Think about it.  And move off again in a different direction.
  • What’s my Plan B?
    With the best will in the world, stuff happens over which we have no control.  Like the best magician, you’ll need a trick or two up your sleeve for when that curve ball is thrown.  It’s called flexibility and it’s mighty useful.

And did I mention that it’s good to start the day with plenty of water?  Your brain will thank you for that too!

Have a great day!



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