December thoughts…

london-clouds-w400-h400At the end of a year, we tend to do two things: we look back and we imagine the future.  Both have their place, don’t get me wrong, but (and there’s a word I don’t use very much) please, please remember the present too.

Being present is not necessarily sitting on a cushion and chanting “Om”, although that works very well for some, and I highly recommend it, if it suits you.  Being present is far more than following instruction once or twice a week in a class.  It’s living a lifestyle: one you choose to live.

When our minds are so full of distractions at the best of times, and perhaps even more so  at this time of year, it’s so good to have a safety net, a sanctuary to come to, a place where you can recalibrate, recharge and renew.

  • Cherish every moment, as it happens, spent with those you love.
  • Be aware of glimpses of beauty: it’s all around you if you look for it.
  • Take just a few minutes, every so often, to stop, quieten the mind and breathe.

However and wherever you choose to do this, and there are many ways, have a wonderful festive time, and let’s get together again every Friday next year.



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