Help! Change challenges? Stomp on them before they stomp on you.

Changing, whether this involves a new job, house, life direction or circle of acquaintances can be both exciting and daunting.  A new beginning is often about making new contacts, learning, experiencing different sets of values and beliefs.  Excited is a good state: you are open to the different experiences in front of you and actively look forward to taking part.  Daunted is a less helpful state, and can hold you back by stomping on your confidence and introducing negative thoughts into your head.  Imagine you’re about to embark on something new.  Do any of these ring a bell?

Help – I don’t know anything!

Starting something new can feel daunting because you might feel that your lack of knowledge makes you less valuable in some way.  What can you do as a newcomer?  A new person can be a breath of fresh air, someone who looks at everything from a different perspective, comes in with new ideas, and asks questions about  the existing set-up, which established folk may not have considered.  As a “newbie” you are in a unique position, for a short time, until you also become established, to share your ideas.  You have a lot to give.  And besides, you do know stuff.  What about all the things you’ve learnt from your previous experiences?

Help – I don’t know anyone!

This is part of the fun of starting a new venture.  Getting to know a different set of people will help you to broaden your knowledge of your new environment, so talk to as many people as possible.  You will be amazed at how much help you’ll get.  Most people are only too happy to explain what they do, and suggest ways for you to be involved.  It feels great to be able to help someone.  But have confidence too.  Thank people for their help, think a bit, and then decide which help is actually useful to you.

Help – I don’t know what to do!

Yes, you do!  You organised your day perfectly well before, so you’ll just carry on doing so!  Use your tried-and-tested strategies: to-do lists, making connections with others, background reading, asking questions, inviting yourself to meetings to find out what’s happening; the list is endless.  There may be an induction process, and if there isn’t, make one.  Ask yourself what you might need to know, then find out who can help you to gain that knowledge.

Help – I’m not sure how to fit in!

Are you sure you want to?  Or would you prefer to stand out?  This will depend on the type of organisation. Be mindful of the culture of the organisation, and consider it carefully.

Help – I don’t know what I don’t know! 

And what’s wrong with that?  Assimilating new knowledge will not happen overnight.  In the meantime, ignorance really can be bliss: it leaves you free to think creatively, without the constraints that being an “old hand” might throw out. Relax, and enjoy not knowing!

Help – who do I go to for help?

Anyone!  people love to help.  And for an objective take on your limiting beliefs, there’s always your coach……



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