Home or away, indulge yourself this summer!

You may not be going away imminently, or at all, but there’s no doubt that August brings with it a holiday vibe.  Whether you’re jetting to faraway places, or taking some time off at home, or even if you’re working the whole month, there’s no reason not to indulge occasionally and bring some of that feelgood factor into your day.

There are 5 Fridays in August, and I’d like to invite you to a Kick Back Friday each week this month, as the week comes to an end.  Do something to be kind to yourself, take a bit of mindful time just for you, relax and have a bit of fun.  I’ll suggest a sound track, which you can listen to, or do feel free to choose your own, as you make August a time for self-compassion, wellbeing and a broad summery smile.

So here we go: Kick Back Friday number one.  Your track this week is Summer the First Time by Bobby Goldsboro.

Here’s what you do: click on the link, and treat yourself to four and a half minutes of whatever you choose to do, that’s summer-related.

  • Find some pictures of sunny or summery places to look at, or simply close your eyes and take yourself there in your imagination.
  • Practise some mindful relaxation as you scan through your body from head to toes, relaxing each part as you listen to the music.  If your mind wanders, that’s ok; when you notice you’ve drifted away into other thoughts, gently bring yourself back to the music.
  • Breathe slow and deep, if possible, feeling your abdomen rise and fall, rather than breathing into your chest.

Once the music’s over, think about how you feel now.  Write down three positive words that sum it up.  Put them somewhere you can see them for the rest of the week, and  allow yourself 2 minutes to recreate that feeling every so often.  Oh, and please keep them for the month at least: I’m planning for you to build something lovely over August!



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