How’s your day going? Ask yourself these questions if you really want to know…

Good day?  Rubbish day?  When you’re going through your day, good or less so, how often do you stop for a moment and take stock?

This week, I’ve got some questions for you (when do I not?!!)  to think about.  I’m working on the basis that your answers may change as your day goes on, so rather than wait till the end, when you may be tired and not in the mood to think, why not give yourself a breather at some strategic points during?

Apparently, we only concentrate fully for about 40 minutes at a time, so it’s a good excuse to pause, take a breather and think a little.  And it gives you time to change things, if you choose to…

  • What surprised me?  

And what might you have learned from this?  Your surprise, or someone else’s?  Good surprise, shock or exclamation?

  • Who did I help?

Yourself?  Or someone else?  Doesn’t have to be a massive help, just a kind word, a door held open, a piece of advice; it could be anything.

  • What did I get done?

Something that’s been hanging around for ages?  A niggle needing sorting?  A big slap-in-the-face change?  Or good, steady routine that keeps you on track?

  • What made me smile?

Humour makes the day (read world) go round.

  • What felt good?

Sun on your face.  A strawberry in your mouth.  A hot shower.  Satisfaction over something.

  • What did I learn?

Something new that you didn’t know before?  Or maybe you were reminded of something useful.

  • What could I do differently?

This one’s for tomorrow, rather than today, to be honest, and an interesting set of tomorrow questions will be on the blog next week.

Until then, keep asking yourself stuff.  You’ll be surprised what you find out…




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