I think that I will never see…a tree as a life coach? Really? Yes, really!

The glorious colours of Autumn!  I hope you’re getting plenty of “wows” from these, and will continue to do so over the coming few weeks.  Take a moment to look around you as you’re gazing out of the window, or, better still, walking in the fresh air.

Wise creatures, deciduous trees.  They know that when winter comes, with its strong winds, bitter cold, rain, sleet and snow, that their delicate leaves aren’t capable of withstanding the winter battering, so they shed them.  They also know that during the upcoming challenging months, they needs to conserve their energy and nutrients for their most important parts: roots, trunk and branches, because without those, there will be no leaves, pollen, flowers and fruit for next year.  Trees prioritise brilliantly.

Trees as life coaches?  Why not?  Here are the questions you might want to consider for the next few months (unless you’re hibernating, of course!)

What’s your priority for the next few months?
When winter’s over, where would you like to be, as the new shoots of Spring burst into colour?  This could be a job/business-related plan, or one to do with your own personal development goals.  What would you like to do better in the next few months?  How could you be kinder to yourself?

Where, and on whom, do you need to spend your energy?
Who, and what, needs you now, and for a little longer?  Who, and what, deserves your attention, your care, your time?  Remember: you are included in this!  How could you spend more time on yourself?

What could you usefully get rid of, shed, declutter to give you a clearer head?
What are you currently wasting your time on, that’s preventing you from being more happy, productive fulfilled and calm? It may be tasks you could delegate, physical items that are not worth hanging on to any more that clutter your mind as much as your cupboards, even people that you might choose to cease to contact for good reason.  This question may be a challenging one, particularly when it relates to people, or even your own behaviour,  but it’s worth asking, and being totally honest with yourself.

Where will you concentrate your efforts first?
I’d strongly suggest that you start with you.  Like the wise tree, keep your core resilience strong over the winter, whatever that means to you.  Think about the fundamentals: sleep, health (physical and emotional), food and the other key “nutrients”: friends, family, your tribe.  Then think about maintaining your resilience any way you can, so that you’re strong enough to withstand the winter weathering.

And when you need some help with any of the above, you know where I am…



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