Is your challenge changing you? 6 thoughts to take away…

Be mindful: take some time out to have fun and relax

Week 4 of my challenge, and this physical stuff doesn’t get any easier!  But I’m noticing subtle changes in the mental side of things and there’s lots more to share with you about ways of applying motivational and helpful strategies to your own goals and challenges, so here goes:

  • You may well notice that once you’ve committed to a goal, and are working towards it regularly, a habit of working in a particular way is beginning to develop.  Be mindful of how you feel about this, and congratulate yourself for making it a habitual action.
  • Still on the subject of habits, has your challenge got you to the stage where you find the first bit of getting down to it quite difficult, and after a while, you get into the swing, and into a better place in your head?  Talk yourself through that first difficult patch to make sure you stay with it.
  • Back to mindful: take care to continue to do what you need to support yourself, in terms of the basics: food, hydration, sleep and fun!  Imagine the care you’d give a very dear friend and apply it to yourself.
  • Still mindful: if you find yourself unsure, a bit worried or simply out of ideas, do ask for help.  You know how you feel when someone asks you to help them: it feels good, doesn’t it?  You’ll be doing 2 people a favour!  It’s smart to ask for help because quite often, in the asking, you find the answers yourself.  And talking to others reminds them to continue to support and encourage you, and maintains your own accountability too.
  • After a while, your new habit or way of working towards your challenge will begin to become almost automatic, so ask yourself: what could I do to refine my technique, to do what I’m doing but simply tweak one or two techniques, to make the doing both easier and more effective?
  • As a wise PT once told me, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”  What could you do to put a little value-added into what you’re doing?  Are you ready to increase the challenge in your challenge yet?  It’s just a thought, and perhaps the answer is “not yet”, but keep it in mind…

Go you!  You’re awesome!



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