Keep on keeping on… When your journey is as challenging as your objective

Celebrate small successes. I made it half-way across the Channel!

It’s official!  Conscious incompetence isn’t a bad thing.  Knowing and understanding some of the depth of your “ignorance” about a project, challenge or aim, can spur you on to learn more, and learning new stuff is always a good thing, right?  It’s week 3 of my physical challenge training, and I’m still finding plenty of things I need to learn to do, but I’m being realistic.  In the amount of time I have left, I’m not going to be able to be  fully-fledged expert, nor do I want to be!  And I’m ok with that.  The journey is the challenge for me – oh, and the actual challenge of course, but I’m trying not to focus too hard on that just yet.

Here are some more musings which you might find useful to incorporate in your own journey towards your target/aim/goal/challenge:

  • Celebrate the little triumphs along the way, as in, “I’ve gone further with this than before.  Parts of this are becoming easier.  I can see that the extra work I’m putting in is paying off.”
  • Look at a variety of means of getting yourself extra support to achieve: is there a useful online forum, a piece of equipment that would be inexpensive, but make a huge difference,  a small change to your eating/sleeping habits?  My nutritionist friends would say, and they’re spot-on, that you might want to consider upping your water intake.  If you’re properly hydrated, you will function better physically and mentally, so whatever the challenge, drink more water!
  • Understand your limits, and preserve your sanity!  Or to put it another way, manage your own expectations.  Good enough is often good enough.
  • Think about the resilience tools you already possess, which you can use to help you in your current situation.  You may be surprised that habits you already have in place will stand you in good stead for your present challenge.

I’m now happy to share the details of my challenge, which may look like small beans for some, but is quite a big one for me. On 29 April, I’m going to be sitting on a Concept 2 rowing machine and “rowing the Channel” for charity.  It’s 33.3 km, and frankly, it’s a flipping long way.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you feel inspired to support my chosen charity, Supershoes, which I mentioned last week, click on the yellow Donate button on the home page, and choose your method of donation.  It would really help me if you put my name in the Message box; that way, I can keep a tally of how much I’ve raised.



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