Life coach, coach thyself!

Here’s a revelation: sometimes, blogging life coaches draw a blank on motivation, creativity and cool words to dole out to readers.

So what to do, when your blog’s due out on Friday, it’s already Thursday, and you think haven’t got an idea in your head to share?

Coaching yourself is not easy, believe it or not, but this week, I’ve had no choice.  I sometimes ask my clients, “If a friend came to you with this problem, what questions would you ask them?”  So let’s walk my talk for a moment…

Question: Is this problem (the one that I’ve not a thought in my head) a provable fact, or is it a thought?

Answer:  Well, I guess it’s a thought really, as I have plenty of thoughts in my head, it’s just that I don’t believe any of them are good enough for sharing in a blog.

Question: Are the thoughts you do have of interest to you?

Answer: They’re certainly occupying my mind quite a lot at the moment.

Question:  Then what makes you think they won’t be good enough for sharing in a blog?

Answer: Good point.

Question: Here’s another angle: what would happen if you didn’t write a blog this week?

Answer: I’d be disappointed, because I’ve written one a week for over 5 years now.  I’d feel I’d failed somehow…

Question: Failed who?

Answer: Myself, mainly.  It’s a discipline, a useful habit, something I enjoy (usually!) and keeps me in touch with the people that read and subscribe to it.

Question: So is the writing of it non-negotiable, or might you want to see how it feels to not write one; to not do it?  What’s the worst that could happen?

Answer: I might feel guilty, or, on the other hand, even liberated.  It might be interesting to find out.  It’s not the habit of a lifetime, after all.   I’m expecting to feel that it’s a lapse that will lead to me being reluctant to restart it again, but that’s just a thought, not a fact.  Or maybe I could restart, but in a slightly different format, and a break from it is what I need in order to do that…  Ok, I won’t do it for a week, and let’s see what happens…

There you have it. My reasoning behind a missing blog next week.  Look out for a revamped version in a little while!

And is there something you do, week in, week out, that you  have somehow convinced yourself that you absolutely have to keep on doing?  What if you didn’t do it, just once?  What’s the worst that could happen?




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