Life coaching from rugby? Stranger things have happened!

I’m a rugby virgin.  There!  I’ve admitted it.  But I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go and watch the Six Nations England v France match last weekend.  We can learn life lessons wherever we go, if we’re open to it, so I thought I’d share these thoughts with you.  How could you apply these to your day-to-day stuff?

  • Be kind to others, regardless of which side you’re on.  Thank you to the charming Frenchmen who gave up their seats for me and my friend on the train. (Did I really look that old?!!)
  • Appreciate skill and talent, from both sides.
  • Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.
  • You can still enjoy something, even if you don’t fully understand the rules.
  • Respect the decision makers and retain your dignity.
  • Take opportunities to make friends wherever you are.
  • Sing when you’re winning, and when you’re not winning!
  • No point in hanging back.  Dive in!
  • Sometimes, things take a long time.  Moving slowly means you notice what’s going on around you, and it’s often hilarious.
  • A win is a win.  There’s no such thing as “I nearly won”.  You either won, or you didn’t.  And you decide how much that matters.



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