Monday Motivator

“Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.”   Tom Wilson

It’s Monday.  What’s in store for you this week?  More importantly, how do you feel about your new week?

  • Ever feel a bit anxious on a Sunday night?
  • Do you start the week determined to do things differently, and after 15 minutes or so find yourself doing exactly what you did last week and the week before?
  • Wish you could approach the week differently?

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  • feel more motivated
  • get more productive
  • improve your wellbeing
  • turn unhelpful habits into helpful ones
  • approach things differently
  • think clearly and get organised

Mondays will never be the same!

Here’s a sample:

Who do you just love spending time with?  Who makes you smile, inspires you, makes you feel good about yourself?  Who do you seek out when you need a bit of a lift?  How do they do what they do?

It would be great to bottle the skill of making other people feel good, at ease, uplifted, wouldn’t it?  This week, I thought it would be useful to focus on a little of what it takes to build rapport with others.  Your own bottle of happiness, if you like.  You’re probably quite good at this stuff already; it’s just helpful to bring it back to the top of your awareness every once in a while, and think about how you relate to others.

Rapport is built on the element of trust that exists between people. Here are 3 building blocks to think about: