Can you feel it? – resilience and your senses part 3

What are you feeling? What are your thoughts telling you? And are you paying attention to them?  This week’s blog is about thoughts and feelings.

A life coach asks lots of questions, as I’m sure you know by now, and a questioning mindset, used to your advantage, can be very powerful when dealing with, and confronting, your thoughts and feelings.

I often hear people say, “I can’t sit still and meditate.  My mind goes off in all directions.  I start thinking about this and that.  I have negative thoughts.”  Or, “My back/hips/legs (or any other part of the body) starts to ache, and I can’t concentrate.

Trust me, everyone experiences this.  The brain likes nothing more than distorting, butting in, interrupting, distracting. It’s what the brain does.  And it’s ok.  The good news is, that your brain is very trainable, and you’re in charge!

Top tips for quieting your over-active brain:

  1. Acknowledge your thoughts/feelings.

Notice them, watch them float by.  If you’re a visual person, think of them as clouds in the sky, or leaves in a stream.  Give them a colour, if it helps.  If you’re not a visual person, talk to them, acknowledge them, say goodbye to them.  Stay separate from them; don’t get sucked in.

2.  Question your thoughts/feelings.

Fact or fantasy?  Is there evidence, or are you catastrophising, exaggerating, trying to predict the future?

3.  Feel your thoughts/feelings.

Where do you sense your thoughts?  In which part of your body?  Do they feel sharp, hard, heavy, light?  You can be mindful while thinking and feeling too.  This exercise can also be useful for physical pain: interestingly,  sufferers of chronic pain report a lessening when they put their minds to considering the nature, size, colour and sensations that they are feeling.

Finally, remember you don’t have to be sitting still to be mindful.  Most activities can be done mindfully; you simply have to tune into your senses while you’re doing the doing!

Try it.  Three minutes, that’s all.  What’s peace of mind worth to you?

And if you need a helping hand to guide you, you know where I am…



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