Poetic justice from a life coach. You’re welcome.

Sometimes you simply have to ring the changes, don’t you?  And I’ve been writing standard blogs every week for 5 years now, so I’m definitely due for a change!  And things are changing for me too, which is why I wrote this.  It’s for all of you fab ladies out there, to help you think about what still needs to happen, and to remind you that I’m here to help, if you need it.  And it’s for me too.  Is that selfish?  Nope.  Walk your talk.  Always.

With thanks to my favourite English teacher, Mrs Anne Isaac, and with a nod to Rudyard Kipling…

If you can keep your cool when all around are dripping wet and cross,
And blaming summer sunshine on lack of motivation
If you can ride it out with no more than a slick of lip gloss,
And glide around your networking without a hint of perspiration

If you believe your dreams and follow them, no matter what
Ignoring should and ought and could, what if and but,
If you can take adversity by the scruff, shake it, and move on,
Distinguish smooth from rough and learn from what went wrong

If you can empathise, be tolerant and kind and not forget
That you yourself need kindness too, and practise that
So that you stop yourself when it’s enough, without regret
And pause, and breathe, and walk in nature, laugh and chat

If you’re convinced of what is right for you, and sit content to watch your life unfurl
And understand that you, and you alone, can make that choice and have that right
Then you are fully-formed and gorgeous through and through, my girl!
My job is done.  You’re mistress of your destiny. Move on, have fun, work hard, keep shining bright!


And if your “If” is still a “What If”, you know where to find me!




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