Ready to stomp on those winter blues? 8 ideas to bolster your flagging motivation and wellbeing.

Tired?  Grumpy?  Can’t be %&*@ed?  Welcome to the end of February.  This too will pass, I promise.  But what to do in the meantime while you wait for something warmer, sunnier and more fun to come knocking on the door?  I’ve got news for you.  You may be waiting some time, unless you galvanize yourself (love that word!).  Now enough fainting in coils and read on for 8 ideas for your wellbeing…

Stay under the duvet and do nothing
Well, it’s an option, isn’t it?  And once you’ve worked out what’s the worst that could happen if you did this, you can make your decision.

Do it anyway
With, or without, “feeling the fear”.  It’s a task you’d like to ditch because it feels like hard work, or you’re “not in the right headspace”, or “it’s not my best time of day to do this”.  Whatever your excuse for procrastinating, and this is exactly what this is, just plough on through and get the darn thing done.

Start your day with a little love
And start with you.  A gorgeous shower gel, a 5-minute meditation with, or without, scented candles, a hot strong cup of whatever works for you.  The point is to relish the moment you do it, rather than do it on autopilot.  You’ll get so much more from it.  Even if it’s all you can do to just open the back door to let the dog out, check out that sky, whatever it’s doing, take a deep breath and be present.  Then go and be kind to everyone else!

Eat something that makes you happy
Controversial?  Maybe.  I’m not necessarily promoting doughnuts or a massive slab of chocolate; healthier options are available and preferable.  Whatever you choose to eat, do your best to make it mindful.  Slow right down and really appreciate the appearance, smell, texture and taste of your chosen food.  There’s evidence to suggest that paying attention to your  food, and eating slowly will help you to eat less, and it’s better for your digestion too.

Make a list and set the clock
Giving yourself set amounts of time to complete tasks can have a variety of benefits:

  • If it’s something you’ve been putting off, giving yourself a time limit will help you get started.  You don’t have to finish it, although you may find once you’ve started, you become more motivated and get it done.
  • You will change activities frequently enough to keep motivated.  Remember to vary the tasks.
  • You can choose from your list.  Giving yourself a choice gives you control.

Reward yourself
Do something “fun” once you’ve achieved something.  Phone a friend, dance, have a cuppa and check Facebook, watch a bit of YouTube, take 5 minutes to get some air, whatever’s possible in your own domain.

Get your environment right
Whether it’s playing your favourite music, putting earplugs in so you can’t hear others’ music, using essential oils to lift your mood, having plenty of water on hand to keep hydrated, a happy photo, flowers or plants nearby, find something to lift your spirits before you start.

Be grateful, but…
Gratitude, or appreciation for something/someone you come across today is generally accepted to be a good brain-trainer for shifting your attitude.  It works.  And some days, you may find yourself forcing the positivity.  Don’t.  It’s ok to feel down, it really is.  Just make sure you don’t allow your thoughts to define you.  Explore your feelings.  Dig down to work out where they come from, (often a clash with your values and beliefs) and then decide what you want to do about them.

This too will pass: it’s a good phrase, and it certainly applies to February.  What else could you choose to do to bring some Spring into your life?





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