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New feathers required for your “empty nest”? What to do when they’re off your hands.

Cars on the motorways crammed full of bags and boxes, rear windows full of duvet, ear of a teddy bear peeking out from the top of a binliner: it must be time to go off to uni.  Exciting times for students.  And what about their parents?  Some will be publicly […] Read more »

Back on track, or too busy procrastinating?

August is a weird month.  Everyone seems to be in holiday mood, even if they aren’t going away.  “Oh, I’ll do that in September,” they say, “when the kids are back at school, and everyone’s back from holiday.”  Well, it’s September now.  What have you been delaying lately, and how […] Read more »

Resolve to act: just one small step…

Blah, blah, blah! At the start of every new year, it seems that the media is full of reviews, advice, predictions and encouragement to get us to do something new, change habits, set different goals.  Are you inspired by this, or does it turn you off? If you think you […] Read more »

Conkering (yes, that is spelt correctly) your fears in 5 steps.

Spiders are everywhere at the moment, it seems.  For the past few years, when October and spider season arrives, my house is invaded by some real monsters.  I’m not an arachnophobe, but these guys are seriously big, and make me jump when I encounter them unexpectedly .  I admit to […] Read more »