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What will you harvest now, for later? Building resilience.

Autumn: it’s fab, isn’t it?  A wealth of bright, crisp mornings, scuffing through fallen leaves, collecting conkers (they really do keep spiders away!) blackberrying, harvesting, changing colours in the landscape and other lovely additions for your sensory “wow” list .  It’s been a bumper year for many crops, and so there’s […] Read more »

Coaching and chocolate: not such a tenuous link!

This blog comes with a health warning, disclaimer, and admission of possible bias: not for nothing did I name my business, and website, Chocolate Box Coaching!  For all you chocoholics out there, here’s my seasonal post about the possible benefits of that fabulous food.  Caution: if you don’t, or can’t […] Read more »

Resilience toolbox: Team work

At networking meetings, I’m always interested and impressed by the range of expertise demonstrated by the people I meet. It’s a great way to find people who can help you with tasks you don’t have time for, or can’t do yourself.   One major factor cited in work-related stress  is the […] Read more »