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What do you put off? What will you conquer next? (Spot-the-pun competition!)

Autumn always makes me think of conkers!  I use them round the house to keep spiders at bay (they work pretty well, since you ask!) Wait for it: here comes the pun and the tenuous link.  Conker/conquer: who could see that one coming? *Pause for loud groans* Last autumn, I used […] Read more »

Conkering (yes, that is spelt correctly) your fears in 5 steps.

Spiders are everywhere at the moment, it seems.  For the past few years, when October and spider season arrives, my house is invaded by some real monsters.  I’m not an arachnophobe, but these guys are seriously big, and make me jump when I encounter them unexpectedly .  I admit to […] Read more »