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Break the routine. Get busy randomly and increase positivity.

Ever felt that there was too much structure or predictability in your day-to-day life, and wished that you could break free, just a little?  Here are ten random ideas for the weekend, and, who knows, maybe you could incorporate one or two into your week as well. Change your breakfast […] Read more »

New feathers required for your “empty nest”? What to do when they’re off your hands.

Cars on the motorways crammed full of bags and boxes, rear windows full of duvet, ear of a teddy bear peeking out from the top of a binliner: it must be time to go off to uni.  Exciting times for students.  And what about their parents?  Some will be publicly […] Read more »

What will you harvest now, for later? Building resilience.

Autumn: it’s fab, isn’t it?  A wealth of bright, crisp mornings, scuffing through fallen leaves, collecting conkers (they really do keep spiders away!) blackberrying, harvesting, changing colours in the landscape and other lovely additions for your sensory “wow” list .  It’s been a bumper year for many crops, and so there’s […] Read more »