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New feathers required for your “empty nest”? What to do when they’re off your hands.

Cars on the motorways crammed full of bags and boxes, rear windows full of duvet, ear of a teddy bear peeking out from the top of a binliner: it must be time to go off to uni.  Exciting times for students.  And what about their parents?  Some will be publicly […] Read more »

Under the weather? Treat yourself.

When you were a child, and you were poorly, what made you feel better? We all have special memories: your mum or dad’s hand on your forehead to check your temperature, a cuddle,  a favourite soft toy, perhaps, or a particular food (boiled egg and toast soldiers…mmm!) Time off sick is […] Read more »

Why do you teach? … and what lifts you up?

A colleague asked me recently, “What is the purpose of teaching?”  Mine was a coach’s standard response, but honestly, what a great question!  I had to think for a while, because teaching encompasses so many things.  In the end, my answer went along the lines of: to enlighten, to nurture, to […] Read more »