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What’s the best present? A little time…

You’ve been given an hour, unexpectedly.  What do you do with it? Today, I was unexpectedly given an hour.  I decided to use it to write this blog.  My best creative time is usually first thing in the morning, and my hour was given to me at 9.30.  However, today, […] Read more »

Prepare to be outstanding: On Your Marks!

Next year sees the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Political wrangling aside, consider how athletes prepare for such events.  Athletes need to have prepared  both physically and mentally.  They work to perfect techniques to excel in their individual sport and also in peripheral skills […] Read more »

“No.” Befriend it, and use it.

Teachers give: time, energy, knowledge and support, and giving is such an intrinsic element of what we do, that saying “no” can become difficult, if not impossible.  Declining to do something can seem like denying someone help.  But what if that someone is yourself?  And what about declining negative thoughts […] Read more »

One lump or two? How do you take your decisions?

A couple of recent experiences made me look again at  the choices we make when it comes to dealing with big issues alone, or as part of a shared/discussed experience.  In the workplace, a good manager will  discuss decisions with the team, and invite responses, where possible.  Sharing ideas is […] Read more »