Thank you so much for…

Trips off the tongue easily, doesn’t it, “thank you”?  Or does it?  We teach our children to say it, and while they’re young, most of them remember, maybe with a little nudge now and then.  Then when they go to Planet Teenager, some (not all) forget (or choose not) to say it at all.  And what happens after that?

Truth is, as adults, we often forget to say it when it matters.  I’m on a mission this week, to reignite your good habit of showing gratitude.  It feels lovely to give and also lovely to receive.  So as the festive craziness gets crazier, here’s a fun gratitude challenge for you: how many different ways and on how many different occasions can you find to thank other people for something? Tot them up during the day.  The Law of Attraction will see to it that if you’re looking for things to thank folk for, you’ll be more aware of those very things happening around you.

It might be a kind gesture, a helpful answer, a point well made, a favour or surprise, a simple just being there, a job well done…the list is endless.

That’s it!  Short blog time.  You’re busy enough, but never to busy to be grateful, I’m sure.



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