There’s still time to start. Your (now) 37-day challenge awaits…

Excuses, excuses: “Oh, I can’t start that now, as it’s not the first of the month any more!”  “I don’t do Lent, and it’s started now anyway, so I’m too late!”  I hear your procrastination, I’m not having it and neither are you!

In my Monday Motivator this week (which you can only get by subscribing from my home page here), I suggested that even if you don’t “do” Lent, there’s no good reason why you couldn’t start a 40-day (now 37-day) challenge, just for the sheer fun of it!  There are a few ideas out there on the internet, some of which are, quite frankly, too big in terms of challenge for most of us.  I’m all for decluttering, but who’s got time to throw out a whole bag of stuff every day?  You have?  Go for it then, I’m not stopping you!  Keeping up momentum and motivation is probably the biggest challenge in any new habit, so my best advice is to keep it small and forget being competitive.  If you’re going to throw out one useless item from your “cupboard of doom” every day, do just that That way, you’ll keep your interest up, and are more likely to finish it.

Right!  In case you’re still finding it too difficult to get started on something, here is a list of suggestions, in a variety of areas for you:

37 days for you
take a photo of something that makes you smile
spend 3 minutes breathing deeply (outside if possible)
write down 3 ways you’d like to be each day, and keep them somewhere you can look at them regularly
say “no” and mean it
say “yes” and enjoy it
say “that’ll do” and stop
spend 10 minutes reading something for pleasure
3 things each day you’re grateful for
5 minutes of mindfulness each day

37 days for work/home
throw/give away one thing that no longer is of use to you
tidy one drawer/cupboard/shelf/corner
fix something
make a point of saying something positive to one of your family/colleagues

37 days of kindness
smile at someone (and see them smile back!)
thank someone for something, especially if it’s “just” their job to do it
a random act of kindness each day
0pen a door/let someone into the queue in front of you
offer help to someone
surprise someone

37 days of health
have an extra portion of veg each day
eat protein with every meal
10 sit-ups/5 minutes of sit-ups or any other short burst of exercise that won’t intrude too much on your time
5 minutes of fresh air each day
5 minutes of mindfulness each day (yes, I know I listed it earlier: it’s important!)

You’ll have many more ideas, I’m sure; these are designed to whet your appetite, or inspire you to think up something meaningful for yourself.  I’d love it if you would share what you’re planning to do in the comments box below.

And if you need an extra boost during your 37 days, I’d recommend my next Mojo Maintenance workshop, in Milton Keynes, which is cunningly placed about half-way through your challenge, when you may be in need of some extra motivation, inspiration, imagination or just a hefty nudge!

Until next time…



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