Things that make you go…

In parts, this is a self-indulgent blog this week.  Well, it is my blog after all, and my experience tells me that the things that have made me go “wow” this week – for a variety of reasons – may well resonate with you too, lovely reader!

The “wows” have been in different tones of voice, including one which was more of a “really??!!” type of “wow”, and perhaps not altogether positive.  But then, life’s not always positive.  I’ll leave you to guess which one that is.  But all of them made me reflect deeply, and that’s the power of the “wow” factor, don’t you think?

See what you make of these…

  1. James Dyson – interviewed on radio about his new James Dyson Foundation, offering educational opportunities to bright young inventors. His philosophy that it’s exciting to watch things fail, so you can learn to improve them to make them succeed is truly inspirational.  He was passionate about his desire to learn constantly.  Too often, we behave reactively to events, news, communication rather than reflectively, thinking about what we might learn from them.  If you go into something looking to learn, you will.
  2. Prince George’s schools serves Puy lentils for lunch, and it’s all gone mad! This is the craziest story I’ve read this week.  It’s also an example of how giving any product a “star” connection can make it take off.  Is it just my cynical mind, or will we all be paying over the odds for the humble legume, which may now have “by Royal Appointment” implied in its provenance?
  3. The Duke of Cambridge is to visit MK for our 50th birthday celebrations. The town close to where I live has had its fair share of criticism and jokes attached.  Another example of a royal stamp of approval, but this time for the good.  The people who dreamed of a new town completely different to others deserve recognition.
  4. Eating a three course dinner in the dark. Can you imagine how it might be to be unable to see?  Well, I couldn’t, until I was fortunate enough to take part in this experience.  It’ll be a blog subject in itself, but talk about mindful awareness!  It certainly made me far more aware of my other senses with gratitude.
  5. Watching the trainees from the RNLI, training in a simulator for rescues at sea. This renewed my respect and gratitude for those who risk their lives, 90% of them voluntarily in this organisation, every time someone is in trouble.
  6. The reaction of an elderly care home resident to the surprise visit of a small canine! Totally engaged, entranced and happy.   I think this comes under the category “random act of kindness”.  I borrowed a doggy to take to visit.  Every person, without fail, who came across this little furry ball of cuteness, smiled!  It made them feel good, and me feel great!  Give out some kindness and just watch what happens.
  7. Finally, the spectacular colours in the photo of this week’s blog. When I bought these, I had no idea what colours would emerge.  Perhaps having had an experience of how it might be to lose your sight has made me even more aware of the beauty of nature this week.

What’s made you go “wow!” this week?  I’d love to hear about the beautiful, crazy, heartwarming moments in your week too.  Do share!  And if you’re struggling to find some, perhaps it’s time to talk to someone.  You know where to find me…



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