Time to drift away. Where? Your choice!

Enjoying August so far?  Maybe the weather’s having a not-so-sunny effect on your mood.  Never fear! Music is the answer and on week four of Kick Back Friday, I have a lovely instrumental for you.  Music with lyrics can be good, as you don’t have to think for yourself; you can simply go along with  what’s being said.  But that can be positive or negative.  Sometimes, it’s just lovely to dream up your own pictures.  And dreaming is good for resilience too.  Win-win.

So this week, dream a little dream with this gorgeous 3-minute track.  Easy!  Even if you can’t leave your desk, you can turn the chair away from the screen, close your eyes and imagine yourself anywhere you please.

For all of those who think you don’t have time I’d like to remind you that taking time away from the screen is vital every hour, and  practising your calm breathing, as recommended in week 1 will work very well while you listen to this track,  with its background heartbeat rhythm.  Guessed it yet?  It’s Albatross, by Fleetwood Mac.

Recommended for your wellbeing while you listen:

  • breathe slow and deep into your abdomen.  This will ensure that your parasympathetic nervous system is fired up: your “rest and digest” network of brainwaves, which will calm you nicely.
  • Pay particular attention to your shoulders, jaw, muscles round your eyes and forehead as you relax.  We carry tension everywhere, and particularly in these places.  Work on softening these muscles as you listen.
  • visualise a place where you enjoy being: somewhere that makes you feel calm, relaxed, happy.  It doesn’t matter where: this is your go-to sanctuary, with or without loved ones around you.
  • make the colours bright, the scents evocative and the feelings powerful.

Write down some notes about the place, and the track, and add it to your August reflective journal, with your notes from weeks 1-3.

Now, whenever you need to “get away”, imagine the track playing, or better still, play it.  After a few times, you’ll have yourself what we coaches call an anchor.  You can summon it up any time you need to get yourself to relax.  If you’d like to find out more about anchors and how they can help you manage stress, anxiety and to sleep better, get in touch here.

And if you never want the feeling to stop, here it is on a one-hour loop.  Have a great weekend and see you next week for the final Kick Back Friday: it’s a must-listen!



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