Up the tempo this week: cheesy and cheerful!

Welcome to week 3 of Kick Back Friday.  August is whizzing past and you’re making memories to give yourself something to look back on come September and beyond, and whenever your resilience needs a bit of a boost, as it surely will at some point.

This week, we’re actively focusing on your optimistic outlook.  Training your brain to flip from negative to positive is a valuable skill, and one we need to cultivate, because life has this habit of throwing us curve balls every so often.  We can’t always prevent crap stuff from happening, but we can certainly choose how we respond.  Agreed, sometimes a situation is truly awful, and it takes time to adjust our thinking.  I’m in no way suggesting that it’s easy, or even possible in the midst of a tragedy to magically switch from devastated to happy.  So this is for those times when things are just a bit rubbish, and you need a bit of summer in your life.

The track this week is Mr Blue Sky by The Electric Light Orchestra .

You know what to do – click on the link!  Yes, it’s cheesy, but don’t tell me afterwards that you didn’t do a little wiggle in your chair when you heard those first chords, and that drum beat!  Blue sky and sunshine is a real tonic, so if it’s raining or dull outside when you read this, shut your eyes and think of blue skies, or find a photo to replace the gloom, please!  Actually, the video with the track I’ve linked is pretty upbeat too.

  • This week, think about the lyrics in the song and how you might use them to help change any negative thinking patterns running through your mind at the moment, including the negative chatter you may have.  And if you’re in a super-cheerful mood, this will send you even higher and then think what you might achieve!
  • This time, while listening, instead of relaxing and breathing slowly (because the tempo isn’t particularly useful for that!) try making a list of all your favourite things to do when it’s sunny.  See how many you can think up during the almost four minutes that the track takes.  They don’t have to be holiday-related: simply sitting and feeling the sun’s warmth on your face could be one of them, a drink in a nice garden with a friend, a walk in a favourite place – you get the picture.
  • When you’ve spent that time encouraging your brain’s neural pathways to connect themselves in a creative and optimistic direction, see how differently you feel about the next task you take on, whether it’s work, fun, household stuff, or anything else.  Make a note about how you felt when tackling whatever it was, and keep this, along with your “sunny” list with the notes from the last 2 weeks.  Your “holiday vibe” folder will be filling up nicely now!

See you next week for week 4, and another change of tempo and wellbeing idea.  Until then, stay with the blue sky thinking!



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