What really matters?

As I write this, the newspapers are full of  pictures of suffering.  The tv and radio blare out their reports of uncertainty, grief and gloom.  The news is grim, the weather is grim and it’s at times like this that we may struggle to find the good stuff.

How, or where do you find your nugget of hope?  Well, you have to be proactive, that’s for sure.  There are treasures all around, if you allow yourself to look for, and find them. In fact, the very act of searching will start to change the wiring in your brain, and make you feel more optimistic.  Resilience is everything.

In a world that feels beyond control, you can control some things. You control what you pay attention to.  You control what you bring to others today in your attitude and outlook.  Don’t just sit there despairing.  Find something positive to see and share. Make contact with someone. Who could you help?  Who could you make smile?  Who could you be kind to? Who could you make a difference to today?  How could you feel (even a little bit) empowered?





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