What we learnt from hot weather and football – even if we don’t much like either…

Last week’s blog was about dealing with the warm weather.  This week’s is about learning from it.  Since it seems there’s more to come, we may as well make use of it!  Here’s what we can find, if we pay attention…

  • working on tasks more slowly can result in a more thorough job
  • reviewing priorities saves energy to give to what really matters
  • increased awareness of  how we, and others, are feeling, both physically and mentally, gives the opportunity to take action to address any issues
  • appreciating the benefit from the wellbeing-enhancing properties of warmth and sunlight, and taking advantage of them to get outdoors more often

Sometimes, we’re forced, by circumstances, to work differently.  I believe this has happened for many of us over the past few, hot weeks.  The aim of a lesson, is to teach new ideas, attitudes, habits.  What have you learnt, and what will you continue to put into practice from your teacher, the heatwave?

Football as a life coach
For the record, I’m not a massive football fan, but the It’s Coming Home experience has a valuable lesson to share too.   Demonstrated by the team, the manager and the fans, we’ve been glad to see the following…

  • self-belief in the face of disbelief
  • calm, measured confidence
  • focus on the present
  • emotional intelligence
  • support for effort put in
  • unified approach
  • determination
  • celebration of achievement

See?  Like it or loathe it, football has something important to offer.  Again, the question is how to maintain and build on all the positive aspects achieved so far.  As a life coach, I will always endorse the benefits of nurturing these qualities and skills in ourselves.  In need of help with that nurturing?  Get in touch…



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