Winter be damned! You’re not the boss of me!

January is still with us, in case you hadn’t noticed, but never fear, February is just round the corner.  Winter can be a bit of a slog sometimes, and it’s essential to top up your reserves of resilience, so you feel strong, mentally and physically to power through the rest of the dark and cold.  Here are some thoughts about your personal resilience to ponder this month and next, as we move nearer to Spring:

Do something else rather than reach for the phone/laptop/tablet/PC first thing in the morning.  Take time for you first, so you can be of  best use to others.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a reactive loop all day, at the beck and call of anyone and everyone, instead of being in charge of your own thoughts and actions.  In the shower is a great place for creativity, and so is after a quiet few minutes to yourself: anywhere you can grab them.  Set yourself up for your day in the way you choose.  Think about what you listen to, what you read, what you watch first thing too.  Some of my clients find writing down 3 words to describe how they’d like to be each day is also useful.  Let the law of attraction kick in as you choose your attitude and watch what happens.

Arrange something fun: a meet-up/phonecall/Skype with a friend, a last-minute holiday, a trip somewhere, a walk with family, dog (or someone else’s dog – with permission, of course!) Having something to look forward to builds resilience.

Get some fresh air, please! Research shows that walking for just 15 minutes a day can make a noticeable difference to your wellbeing.

Eat something healthy every day: make a large pan of homemade soup to last a whole week for lunches.  Easy, cheap, nourishing, and you know what’s in it.

Take regular breaks from the screen:  honestly, do it!  You owe it to your eyes, neck, shoulders, back, digestive system and your sanity!

Store up the good stuff: thank you cards/emails/notes: anything positive and complimentary you’ve been sent.  Keep them somewhere you can easily find them to read when you need a boost.

Finally, share.  Share thoughts, jokes, worries, ideas, food, wine and anything else that means you’re spending at least some time with people.  Have contact with your tribe as often as you can.  We’re not meant to be solitary animals all the time.

Say goodbye to January with a cheery wave, and push on through.  Winter be damned! You’re not the boss of me!





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