Winter – I’m done with you! Time for change and challenge.

Right!  That’s it! I’m done with winter!  The clocks go forward at the weekend, so no matter what the weather gods throw at us from now on, I’m doing Spring.  That’s all it takes, isn’t it?  A choice.  And it’s interesting to think about what it takes to make you say “That’s enough.  I’m  absolutely done with xyz.  I’m now going all-out with abc.”  Have you got to that stage yet?  What prompted it?

At this time of year, what I’m hearing from clients is that they feel like they’re still hibernating, or want to.  There’s a sluggishness, a reluctance, a struggle to get on with what they say they want.  So here’s a suggestion: get yourself a (small) challenge.  It could be anything: personal, home-related, work-related, eating-related, exercise-related, relationship-related and on and on…  Find something that fires you up again, that gets you interested, learning, doing, enthusiastic.

Come on!  We can do this together.  I’ve set my own personal challenge, and will be sharing tips as I go.  This is what I’ve applied to my challenge so far…

  • Make it something you feel enthusiastic about. That way you’re more likely to stick with it.
  • Share your idea with someone/a group of friends.  You’re now accountable, and it makes it real.
  • Devise a plan and set yourself daily steps to take to get there.  Make them realistic and achievable, so you will actually do them, but not so easy that you lose your drive.  A little bit of challenge keeps your mind stretched.
  • Build in some down-time.  You don’t have to go hell-for-leather to get it done and dusted.  Keep reining yourself in, ever so slightly, to keep your interest sharp.  Taking a rest from whatever it is, is another way of keeping your motivation going.
  • Take some advice from experts, if appropriate.  Even if you don’t follow it to the letter, it’ll give you some extra ideas, and you can use their support to help you when things get a bit tough.

And like all the best challenges, keep a note, diary, blog, videos of how you’re getting on.  Send them to me, if you’d like, and I’ll share them here.

Final words: don’t just sit there, do something!  Anything!



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