Woah! Hold on there just a moment. When did you last “wait and see”?

“Wait and see.”  One of the more irritating phrases my parents would say to answer my endless questions and demands when I was a child.  I often thought they said this when they didn’t know the answer, and I’d get cross about that, because parents are supposed to know everything, aren’t they?  I certainly know differently now!  And if I was talking to my younger self today, I’d explain the power you can gain from “waiting and seeing”.

We live in an instant society.  Getting what we want has never been quicker or easier, we’re led to believe.  You want an answer?  Consult the ubiquitous Google, always lurking in the background, shouting, “I know!  I know!” like some annoying, attention-seeking child. And you can see why life has become about instant gratification.  At the click of a button, a man in a van delivers your heart’s desire in a matter of hours.  You don’t even have to pay for it immediately, if you stick it on the credit card.

We’re led to believe that we be rich, famous, successful in an instant, and the tragedy is that many people really believe this. In the meantime, we’ve lost sight of that little gem of a virtue: patience.  So what’s the benefit of “wait and see” in today’s “I want it now” mindset?

Just think about this for a moment.  The problem with wanting everything now, is that you force yourself to make a decision now.  It’s not always necessary to do that.  Wait and see can be a genuine force for good.   When you wait a little, you stand to gain more evidence, experience, insight, time.  All these are valuable assets.  Waiting can get you extra clarity and help you make a more informed decision.

Look at the bare earth under the trees in winter.  Nothing seems to be happening.  Wait and see. Look again in February and March.  Glorious colour.   Nature prioritises.  Think about it.  What would you like to do, or plan for, that would benefit from a bit of “wait and see”?



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