Nourish to Flourish

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Nourish to Flourish 

I’m very excited about this brand-new course concept.  Nourish to Flourish combines the expertise of 2 professionals: me, the personal coach, and Sam Downton, the naturopathic nutritional therapist.  It’s for anyone who wants to learn about how to make an informed choice about the food you eat and how to change your eating habits for the better.  You will learn strategies to help you set goals, get motivated, increase your self-confidence, relax, and in addition you will find out how food works, how it affects your body and the way you feel.

Nourish to Flourish for individuals

A short course,  one-day or half-day workshop for adults, consisting of two elements:

  • Nutritional advice, education and information delivered by Sam.
  • Life coaching techniques to help you achieve your individual targets in both food choices and self development, led my me.

Contact me for further information and booking details on our next workshop.

Nourish to Flourish Freshers

A brand-new addition to the Nourish to Flourish portfolio, Nourish to Flourish Freshers is for teens about to start, or continue on their learning journey away from home.  This one-off workshop covers healthy eating advice, together with menu suggestions, plus stress-busting techniques, and calm thinking strategies, all combined into one helpful package.  Ideal for groups of Year 13 students in schools

Contact me for further details.

Nourish to Flourish for local centres

Courses tailor-made in length for specific groups of adults, with the same 50/50 combination of education, information and personal development skills as the courses for individuals.  You provide the group and we deliver the course. Contact me for further information and booking details.

Nourish to Flourish courses for workplace teams

Our Nourish to Flourish wellbeing workshops are designed to encourage your team to have fun and stay healthy.  The flexible format means we can run them as a one-off or regular event, or a course over as many hours/weeks as you would like.  We offer a standard Nourish to Flourish course: nutritional expertise with coaching-based self development strategies, or a package combining other wellbeing experts in areas such as personal training, yoga, Pilates, singing and art therapy. The aim of Nourish to Flourish is to enthuse and inspire your team to do things that make them feel great.  Wellbeing is a big focus for employers at the moment, and this new package is so adaptable that there will be something which appeals to everyone in it. Contact me for further information and booking details.

For further information, download the Nourish to Flourish brochure here: N2F 8 page