Your Summer Overhaul: time to get out your essential maintenance toolbox!

When you were younger, and went back to school after the summer holidays, do you remember how, for a while, everything looked extra clean and new: floors polished,  fresh paintwork in places, some walls with new, coloured backing paper all ready for pieces of work to be displayed, different posters on others, perhaps a different name, or notice on the classroom door?  All done over the holidays, while the place was quiet and empty.  It was the best time to get those kinds of things done.

Summer is often quiet business-wise, which makes it an excellent time to think about a Summer Overhaul for yourself.  If you’re not in business, it’s still a time when, even if we’re not tied to school holidays, we have a different kind of mindset.  Schools break up, the whole country seems to take a mental break.  And that’s not a bad thing, either.  Maybe it’s time to pay attention to a part of your business that needs a bit of tlc, and to remember self-care too – we must make sure our own essential systems are maintained and working properly so we can be at our resilient best come Autumn, when things tend to  rev up a bit.

With my English teacher hat on, let me reacquaint you with the prefix “re-“.  Added at the beginning of a word to alter its meaning, it’s the idea of doing something again.  Systems which need an overhaul aren’t necessarily broken: they simply need some reworking, rethinking,  parts replacing, to make them work better, more efficiently or even differently.  Here’s a short list (one word a day for a week, if you fancy a 7-day challenge), that you might want to think about for your own summer overhaul:

  • Reconnect : contacts, alliances, friends, a good habit, something/someone you’ve lost contact with
  • Reform:  something that needs decluttering, tidying, making good, recyclingsomething – a system, an item – or could mean start up again
  • Reposition: something you like using, but doesn’t work where it is – could be physical or mental – do you need to reposition yourself somewhere?
  • Rethink: an idea, a dream, a project which hasn’t worked, or isn’t working but might do if done differently
  • Reignite: a passion – something that makes your heart sing, a neglected hobby, interest
  • Re-treat: could be a literal interpretation: treat yourself to something again, or you may wish to create your own little retreat: some time away from everyone else to think, or simply to be
  • Renew: something that’s coming to an end, looking in need of a freshen-up or an up-to-date version

Any of these words could be applied to your beliefs, values and behaviours too, so remember them when you’ve got your essential maintenance toolbox out!

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